Theme of the story in a sentence.

Pg.198 “We got into this business because we thought the law was a higher calling.  We could fight injustice and social ills, and do all sorts of greats things because we were lawyers.

This sentence taken form the text is great way to explain the true theme behind the entire book.  It explains how lawyers have the power to fix things and make the world better.  This is exactly what Micheal did.  He went away from the company that sought to get money and went to the legal firm that gave him nothing.  By doing this he is fulling this quote, and answering to his higher calling that he spoke of here.  The books theme is to help people and this quote explains the reasoning behind
Micheal’s decision behind going into this little legal firm to fight for the homeless, and the ones with no voice.

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  1. That’s an excellent quote for the theme, can’t believe I missed it.
    Very well-written.

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